Crossover vehicles, or compact SUVs, have made quite an impact within the motoring industry. If we focus on South Africa, these vehicles have taken the country by storm with new models released on a fairly frequent basis. Two prominent examples include the Audi Q3 and the Volkswagen T-Roc. Although these types of vehicles may not be for everyone, their huge popularity makes them certainly worth thinking about.

Choosing The Journey

One of the main reasons to consider a crossover is due to the fact that they are similar in size to normal SUVs but offer some improved capabilities. Therefore, they are safer and have more space than a hatchback or sedan but they are generally cheaper when compared to full-sized SUVs. They are also more fuel-efficient and provide better handling thanks to their unibody frame. Beyond these points, one important component to consider is the numerous options that come with crossovers. Buyers are able to customise their vehicle by picking and choosing from a long list of personalisation features.

If you are looking for a larger vehicle with the previously mentioned benefits, a compact SUV might suit your lifestyle perfectly. Then again, there are also many positives that come with other vehicle shapes. It truly all comes down to personal preference. Although, crossovers are still worth considering when you factor in their incredible practicality. The best thing to do is take a step back and consider your individual needs as a driver. If a compact SUV meets them, then it is probably worth taking one for a test drive.

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