An excellent addition to the Audi lineup in South Africa, the Audi Q5 delivers a versatile motoring experience. Uniquely positioned within the competitive luxury SUV segment, the Q5 utilises its distinctive features in order to stand out from the crowd.

Balancing performance and luxury, the Audi Q5 distinguishes itself within the Audi range thanks to its sophisticated design. Its sharp lines and robust aesthetic convey a road presence that is guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go.  

With its incredible 40 TDI quattro engine, the Audi Q5 ticks many boxes. Whether you are looking for a fuel-efficient option or are eager for a powerful drive, this vehicle is perfect for almost everyone. For those looking for a ferocious adventure the 140kW output and 218km/h top speed will be particularly attractive.

Accompanying the Audi Q5’s style and power are the captivating features. For one, the optional ambient light package adds attractive accents. When it comes to the seats, a massage function is also available for those looking to relax on their daily commutes.

By offering a distinctive combination of design, performance versatility and safety, the Audi Q5 stands out within the range of Audi cars offered in South Africa. At the end of the day,  Q5 isn't merely a vehicle; it's a testament to Audi's commitment to innovation and excellence, making it a frontrunner in the competitive landscape of luxury SUVs.